Day 35: Moving Day

$15: South Beach Campground, Olympic National Park (Washington state)

Weather on the Olympic Peninsula is fickle. One day it’ll be glorious, the next…

When it rains, people sometime leave campgrounds – even the coveted water-side spots.

You can then take that spot.

The woman with the fabulous blue vintage trailer was pulling out, and I asked her if she had promised her site to anyone. She said no, and I put my red folding chair on the picnic table.

Later, it stops raining, and the clouds begin to clear.

I don’t know if she was leaving because her trip was scheduling to end, or because of the weather.

Does it matter?


So, we burned some flame-retardant wood bought at the Kalaloch Lodge Store. Mostly smoke. Not much fire.

But who cares, with a view like this?

Fifteen dollars well spent.

2 thoughts on “Day 35: Moving Day

  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts. Hug E. Pillow looked really happy to see Glenn. Hope you’re having a blast (but, like–how could you not….???). I’m totally jealous, and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. : ) Safe travels. ❤

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