If you delve into the airforums dark web much, you’ll come across post after post about tow vehicles, capacities, and tongue weight. My Touareg/23D combo was set up by Can-Am RV Centre in London, Ontario. They’re great at what they do.

The fact that I tow an Airstream with anything less than a Ford F-350 is an affront to some men’s manhood. I get this look all day, every day.

“You’re towing this with what?”

I’ve passed closed weigh stations on this trip, and noticed that the scales seem to be powered up. As I was leaving Arco, ID, on a quiet morning, I thought I’d stop here and see how my rig balanced out.

Turns, out – pretty good.

First, the Touareg’s GVWR/GAWR sticker.

My actual weigh-in:

2,780 Front axle
3,360 Rear Axle
5,080 Trailer

Not too bad.

The Touareg is rated to tow ~7,700lbs. The trailer’s GVWR is 6,000lbs. I’m a little closer in the axle tolerances than I thought, but I have a kayak and Solo stove in the car.

One thought on “Weigh-in

  1. Good stuff. I have only weighed my overall as s ales we pass are pretty busy to take time to unhitch and all that. My gcvw is 16k. I come in around 12k. My friends, non AS come in over 5k their highest row rating, driving a van. Your trip sounded amazing. We are 65 orthodox of KS, moving into parking lot camping today for the festival. We will have hard rain next few days, but it is part of life. We will be. Back to NJ beginning of October.

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