Day 43: Grand Teton

17 miles
$32: Colter Bay Campground, Grand Teton National Park, WY

How can any day that starts with this view be bad?

I saw this Airstream-like truck camper, as I waited to enter the campground – a good omen.

I had thought I might need to make a trip to Jackson for a Wyoming Aquatic Invasive Species decal for the kayak, since that was the closest place listed on their website. Lucky for me, it can also be done at the Colter Bay marina. I also need a Grand Teton-specific permit, which can be obtained at the neighboring visitor center.

$27 later, I’m ready to put a kayak in Jackson Lake.

I requested a campsite within easy walking distance of the water, so I could roll the Hobie to the shore. Here I am on the lake-side of Loop D, with no generators to wake me up at 6am.

Within a few minutes…

The glassy surface was surreal. The other shore looked so close.

It was not.

An hour later, I was still paddling. I’m told it’s 6 miles across…

I think I got back to shore just in time.

Before the rain comes, I walk to the marina to schedule a breakfast cruise to Elk Island. It’s about time someone else propelled me across some water.

5 thoughts on “Day 43: Grand Teton

  1. Great pics! We put our inflatable kayak in Jackson Lake at that same spot a couple of years ago. Highly recommended for any who have not been there.

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