Day 51: Is this how it ends?

504 miles
$47.70: Washington/Pittsburgh SW KOA (Pennsylvania)

Hug E Pillow and I are commiserating.

I just couldn’t do it. Most years, I’ll power through the last day’s drive and get all the way home.

But today I just couldn’t. The roads in eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania have beat me down. Construction, potholes, poorly-marked detours, narrow lanes, fracking… They’re awful.

I don’t want to smell another pee-soaked Rest Area truck/RV parking lot.

I’m tired of chain-smoking drivers in raised dually pickups bullying everyone on the road not doing 90mph. We get it. You have some inadequacies. Don’t make it our problem.

I’m sad to see the open spaces and long vistas disappear.

And after all the campsites on this trip with epic views, here we are.

Sitting at a splintery picnic table with a Class A RV’s slide-out and sewer hose as our guests.


2 thoughts on “Day 51: Is this how it ends?

  1. ! ! FinalLy ! ! , A Tone that CassDuTelle Can FulLy Sympathize With . . . u’R Most
    Honest / Forthright – BLog – PosT . . . ” For ” An Altogether TRULY B E A U T i F U L !
    Cross – Country , VirtualLy – Memorialized , Summer 2019 V a c a t i o n ; BRAVO ! !

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