Day 52: That’s a wrap

300 miles
$0: Home (Wilmington, DE)

Somehow., even though I had filled up with gas last in Ohio, I got all the way home on what was left in the tank. My best mileage yet towing, 18.8mpg on this last leg.

Rather than drive almost the full length of the PA Turnpike, I cut off on 283 at Harrisburg and drove home (Southeast) via Lancaster, on the old Lincoln Highway (Route 30).

I’ll do a more detailed expense post later, but for now…

52 days (7 weeks, 3 days)
9,038 miles
524.6 gallons of diesel

And now we’re home. Three loads of laundry. Fridge emptied. I have a lot of cleaning to do…

6 thoughts on “Day 52: That’s a wrap

  1. Hi Dan ,

    I enjoyed reading about your 7 week adventure. Glad you and your vehicle are both home safely.

    Just wondering if you have any gigs coming up in the Jersey area. If so let me know and I’d love to have lunch brunch or dinner with you. You take care and hopefully I’ll hear from you soon.

    Peace, Jo-Ann(Hoffman)

  2. Thank you once again, Dan, for letting us take another epic cross country, wonderfully documented, trailer trip with you vicariously…
    We’re glad you’re safely home. (‘Twas smart to get off the horrible PA Turnpike and turn SE.)
    Hope you remember how to play the bass – left hand does the fingering, right hand holds the bow…
    Enjoy all your music!
    Mom & Dad

  3. Thanks so much for the entertaining-and “real time” story of your trip. (I’m still working on my trip last October!)
    I always look forward to your posts.

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