Rocky Mountain NP – Again

RMNP was so nice, after a few days at my brother’s near Denver, I decided to go back. Especially after I lucked into a 6-day reservation back at Moraine Park Campground.

It gets busy around 1pm at the entrance.

But the reward is worth it.

I vowed to make the most of this extra stay in the park, and the advantage that being inside the park afforded me – to get to the trails early.

Nearly alone on Bear Lake in RMNP.

I even got the bass out one afternoon. And found that my rosin had melted into the shape of a heart.

I played for an audience of deer, up the hill.

And of course, it snowed again.

The view from Fall River Pass Ranger Station – on June 19th!

I’m sorry to be leaving, but it’s time to head to Santa Fe, NM.

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain NP – Again

  1. Do you know Arvo Part’s, ‘My heart’s in the highlands’?? The deer like this song. I had heard you were back, but I guess your heart’s in the highlands, too. Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful, this year especially, having a beautiful home in wheels affords safe have. Of beauty. I love seeing snow there this time of year. Enjoy your journey.

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