Wigwam Motel

I apologize that this summer’s blogs will not be in chronological order. It’s just that kind of summer.

And I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but the fact that I’m only playing one opera this summer with Santa Fe Opera presents some great opportunities for travel, since I have up to 8 days between shows. Arizona is one of the few states missing on the USA map on the door of my Airstream. So…

I decide to make Holbrook, Arizona my base camp, and explore the region from there. I’m camping 99.9% of this summer, but the first night of the trip I decided to stay at the Wigwam Motel.

En route, I experienced one of the more intense monsoons I’ve encountered. Seemingly looming on the horizon for hours until I hit a long patch of extreme rain and wind.

I had been tracing Route 66 for a future blog post tracing my grandparent’s honeymoon trip in 1935. It runs parallel to I-40 much of the way between Grants, NM and Holbrook, AZ. As the song goes.

And here I am.

Part of my journey is to find the locations of some spots my grandparents honeymooned at in 1935. One is here in Holbrook. The “Commercial Hotel”. That’s my grandfather on the left next to his car that was a wedding gift.

Lucky for me, while I’m checking into the Wigwam Motel, I meet one of the oldest residents in Holbrook, and he draws me a map on a napkin of where I might find the location (it is no longer there…) on the other side of the railroad tracks. I’ll explore tomorrow.

In the meantime, I enjoy the unrestored classic cars parked around the teepees.

De Soto “Suburban”
Only those who know the 1950 Ford will understand…

I make a little dinner in the trailer and catch up on emails.

I check out the museum in the lobby.

Of course, I’d rather sleep in my trailer, but after nearly 5 weeks of camping, I’ll sleep indoors and take a long shower tomorrow.

In my teepee.

It’s like a trailer – right?

4 thoughts on “Wigwam Motel

  1. Thank you for going out of chronological order to bring us Holbrook and the Wigwam Motel. Just what this former Colorado girl needed on a muggy Philadelphia evening. I imagine the night sky above your teepee was breathtaking. Looking forward to seeing more as you explore the area. That green vehicle outside the office looks eerily familiar. What is it? We moved from Minnesota to Colorado in a 1959 Pontiac station wagon.

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