August 4: User error (or paranoia)?

Must be the rough wagon-trail that is I-880 through Oakland, CA, but I could swear that the Saab was shuddering under light throttle, and there was a fair amount of slop in the transmission. Suspect the throttle body. I was so certain that I asked my old youth orchestra buddy I had lunch with to give me the name of his trusted mechanic: Joby at Scania Auto in Walnut Creek.

After he was through with the car he was working on, he checked it for error codes (none) and took it for a drive. Saabs are all he works on, and my friend could not recommend him more highly. After the drive, he said everything seemed normal. Then, he wouldn’t take any money for his time and trouble. I’ll need to save a major repair for my next trip out and have him do it…

Now I can drive home and not worry so much. Maybe I should go back to Washington and pick up the trailer for the drive back. Maybe it’s me who needs the repair.

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