Day 12 & 13: Arrived

0 miles
Secret Oregon coast campground: $52 (2 nights)

Now that I have arrived at one of my favorite places in the world, I think I’ll just enjoy it.

Depoe Bay isn’t too far away, and there are five whales to choose from for viewing from the shore.

It never hurts to stop at Gracie’s Sea Hag Restaurant and Lounge. If I weren’t driving, I could do some damage here..

While I’m away, the sun silently charges my trailer. It’s a 200-watt solar panel array.

In the evening , I take advantage of that magical time between when the sun goes down, and the moon comes up, sitting on the pitch-black beach to see what happens with a 60-second shutter.

That happens (or try this 360 link). Is that a shooting star going through my head? And this, back at the campsite.

(It’s worth clicking on this 360 link, trust me)

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